Professor of Biology

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Welcome to my homepage.  I have been teaching Biology at Wilmington College for 25 years.  During that time many new discoveries in the Biological Sciences have been made.  This is especially true in cellular and molecular biology.  This is the area in which I teach and I am proud of how Wilmington College has kept at the cutting edge in these important areas of Biology.  Students at Wilmington College are engaged in research in molecular biology that uses current techniques such DNA cloning and PCR.  I hope that my Web Site will provide you with useful information about my classes and research.

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Courses I teach

Fall Semester


BIO231: Introduction to Cell Biology  Every Year 



BIO422: Molecular Biology (Fall 2013)  


HSC 300: Bioethics (Fall 2012)  


Spring Semester


BIO100: Topics -- Evolution and Creationism (Spring 2014) 


BIO322 Genetics (Spring 2013)


BIO408  Biochemistry  (Spring 2012) 


BIO440  Seminar and Research (Spring 2010) 




    Laboratory Protocols




Biology Writing Manual (current revision )  August 2010