Mouse Anatomy

Directional terms


Cranial/Anterior       Lateral view                                                                               Caudal/Posterior



Ventral view of the peritoneal cavity (abdominal coelom)

 Shiny surface of the organs is the visceral peritoneum; shiny  lining the abdominal wall is the parietal peritoneum.



The diaphragm is the thin muscular membrane below the heart and above the liver (second square from the top).


Abdominal Organs

Ignore the top square (lung in thorax). From there down are the liver, stomach, spleen, left kidney, left seminal vesicle and the urinary bladder.


Another ventral view of the abdomen

From the left: liver, small intestine, large intestine, spleen, urinary bladder, left testis


Another view of the pelvic and abdominal organs (male)

From the left: testis, vas deferens (thin cord to left of square), spleen, liver


Ventral view with thorax opened

From the top: heart, diaphragm, gall bladder (between the right lateral and medial lobes of the liver), left medial lobe of liver), spleen, large intestine


Thoracic cavity organs

Heart (ventricles) and left lung


Lungs inflated by blowing into nostrils


Female reproductive organs

From the left: coiled oviduct, left uterine horn, left ovary above the left oviduct; note that the uterus is bicornuate