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We enjoy our Folbot folding touring kayaks. We have a 2003 Folbot Yukon (single), a 1997 Folbot Greenland II (double), and a 1975 Folbot Sporty (single; non-folding), and my brother Dave is now the proud owner of our 1974 Folbot Super (double; non-folding).

We have taken our Folbots to Lake Erie; Lake Superior; Lake Michigan; Lake Huron; the Ohio River; the Atlantic Ocean; the Gulf of Mexico; Alabama; Florida; Illinois; Indiana; Kentucky; Maine; Massachusetts; the Adirondacks in New York; Michigan; the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Minnesota; the Outer Banks in North Carolina; South Carolina; and Algonquin and Massasauga Provincial Parks, Ontario, Canada.

Therese and I in our Folbot Greenland II at
 Northeast Harbor, Maine
Stephen (in back), Billy (in front), and I in our
Folbot Yukon on Stonelick Lake, Ohio
Greenland II (disassembled)
in Boston
pulling the Yukon behind my bicycle
from the Greenland II,
my brother Dave and I
watch a barge on the Ohio River
my brother Tom and I
paddle the Greenland II
on the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland
portaging the Greenland II at
Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada
Folbot Sporty (and our black lab) on our pond
Folbot Super on Somes Sound, Maine
getting ready to sail the Super
at Cowan Lake, Ohio

Trip reports from our Folbot camping trips:

Algonquin Provincial Park: July/August 2008

Adirondack Park: July/August 2007

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness: July 2007

Algonquin Provincial Park: August 2006

Massasauga Provincial Park: July 2006

Algonquin Provincial Park: July/August 2005

Ohio River: June 2004

Algonquin Provincial Park: July 2003

Algonquin Provincial Park: July/August 2002

Algonquin Provincial Park: July/August 2000

Algonquin Provincial Park: July 1998

Pictures from other touring kayaking trips:

Grand Cayman: August 2003

Shoup Glacier, Prince William Sound, Alaska: July 1999

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